Torbjørn Sletvold and Karen Sletvold

Sletvold Arkitekter

Sletvold Arkitekter, began in 2006, is a dynamic Oslo based architecture firm focusing on a wide variety of projects, from small scale residential homes to large scale football stadiums and urban planning. Based on the earlier office, Arkitekt kontoret Torbjorn Sletvold, the firm has extensive experience in all phases of building construction, from concept development to contract documentation.

Sletvold Arkitekter focuses on developing concepts that relate to their surroundings and contribute to the area that they are established in. Design is an important tool used to address site specific and programmatic challenges. The firm finds dynamic solutions with consideration to both concept and application.

The unique Scandinavian environment forms the basis for creating environmentally sensitive buildings in balance with their surroundings. The harsh Norwegian seasons provide constantly changing colors. The quality of light and the sky is often captured on a building surface by reflective materials and selectively drawn into the building through controlled openings that create a sharpened spatial experience. Tactile experiences are created through the combination of both of traditional and modern materials, including Norwegian pine and metallic panels.

Sletvold Arkitekter focuses on creating good architecture; rooms, places, and urban developments that increase the quality of their surroundings. Strong concepts are utilized to create designs capable of handling the changes and new directions that are typical in the building process. This integrity in concept assists the design process from the development of basic ideas to drawing architectural details.

Good communication and multidisciplinary collaboration within all project phases allow Sletvold Arkitekter to consider ecological, economic and social factors with a goal of creating well-functioning, sustainable architecture.


Sletvold Arkitekter 2013