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Tana kirke 01

situationOut of 29 different proposals has Sletvold arkitekter won the design competition to build a new church in Tana Bru, in Northern Norway.

Sustainable high density housing and kindergarten development fringing Oslo’s north eastern forest.

The 18 000 m2 square meter pedestrian orientated Sletteløkka 44 complex, situated adjacent to Oslo’s north eastern forest, aims to provide sustainable and cost effective housing to over 230 families, underground parking and kindergarten facilities.

The project is designed with consideration to sunlight, wind and noise challenges, the Sandås creek area and the dynamic sloping nature of the site. The quality of the residential space is improved by allowing the surrounding natural woodland to flow into the central open space.

The currently industrialized and run down site is transformed into a pedestrian scale green zone.

Building volumes are divided by transparent entrance cores and differentiated with varying roof heights and angles. This concept creates distinct, smaller scale homes in contrast to the monotonous apartment buildings typical of Norway’s capital.

The buildings angularly wrap the site boundaries, creating a sheltered and inviting inner recreation space, perforated with green corridors that extend through the site and into the surrounding urban environment. This configuration creates and maintains both visibility and light into the site and for the neighboring apartment buildings.
Sletvold Arkitekter 2012

Voldsløkka Match
FIFA certificate 2 level facilities for Sagene and Oslo

Designed to meet the needs of Norges Fotballforbund, the new Voldsløkka matchbane provides FIFA certificate 2 level facilities to the Sagene and Oslo communities. The proposal contains spectator space for 7000, club premises, Sagene Idrettsforening offices and full facilities for players, press and spectators.

The location of the new Voldsløkka matchbane, at the junction of Uelandsgate and Stavangergata, is based on a comprehensive development plan for the area.



Sletvold Arkitekter 2012

Sportspark hall and masterplan

SLETVOLD ARKITEKTER has been invited to participate in the «New Frogner Sportspark» competition, to both design a sports hall and create a masterplan for the larger sporting area in Sørum kommune.

Sletvold Arkitekter 2013

Combining sport facilities and a kindergarten to create a cultural meeting point in Korsvoll.

The proposed multipurpose hall is located on the north western side of the existing 7′er playing field and provides sport facilities for the Korsvoll area, including multipurpose courts, changerooms, clubhouse function space, offices and meeting rooms. Kindergarten facilities for 72 children are situated in the southwestern end of the building.

The new hall comfortably fits into the residential surroundings with sensitive design and material use. High ceilings within the sports facilities are accommodated with an internal floor height lower than the existing ground level. A continuous façade along Åmotveien and dark wooden cladding reduce the scale of the building, creating a pedestrian friendly street profile.

A more complex façade adjacent to the playing fields articulates the different zones of the building and creates a playful kindergarten entrance. The development of a high quality outdoor space adjoining the kindergarten will increase the quality of the local environment.

Korsvoll multipurpose hall is a social arena for all ages, from small children to sports enthusiasts and spectators. The building will be in constant use with various forms of activity, bringing together and engaging members of the Korsvoll community.


Sletvold Arkitekter 2012

The proposed Voldsløkka skatehall provides a multipurpose sports space in addition to dance rooms, offices, meeting space, service areas and a café.

The design minimizes the building footprint to allow for continued use of the surrounding Voldsløkka sports area. The ground floor is comprised of only the main hall space, reception and change rooms while all other functions, including dance rooms, offices and the café are located on the second floor.

The need for a large flexible space is created with the use of a 9.32 meter construction grid. An angled roof allows for interior heights between 7 and 11.5 meters. This system provides extra space for 2 levels where required, while sensitively keeping the building profile to a minimum adjacent to the local park area.

Voldsløkka skatehall is a pedestrian orientated building, situated next to the ‘green route’ that continues through Voldsløkka. The project provides necessary community facilities while enhancing the local environment.


Sletvold Arkitekter 2012

Voldsløkka landhockey

Sletvold Arkitekter 2012

Arena design with place for 7000 spectators.






Sletvold Arkitekter 2012

Design and master planning of a school to be built adjacent to an existing sports stadium in central Oslo.


Sletvold Arkitekter 2012