Iskosset Ski Museum

The dynamic process of ice crystals merging and colliding has shaped the form of the new Ski Museum.

Rising out of the rocky terrain of the Holmenkollen mountain, Oslo’s new Ski Museum uses steel and glass to capture the changing quality of ice crystals. Snow and ice are central elements of Norwegian culture, intrinsically related to skiing.

The building is grounded in the mountainside, with a minimal footprint that reduces interference with the existing terrain and forested vegetation. It is constructed as a part of natural landscape, with a relatively low elevation and entrance through an underground tunnel.

The structure is visually divided into two ‘ice crystals’ that dynamically capture the ski jump through a light chasm in the space between the volumes. The planning of the space focuses on effiency and flexibility, with a large exhibition space and adjoining auditorium.


Sletvold Arkitekter 2012

Project Details